Best Places To Visit In Khao Yai In 2023

Travelling to a new destination is one of the best achievements. Humans usually love travelling to tourist places. One such place is Khao Yai, one of the best places to indulge in adventurous trips and peaceful living. After the Covid 19 pandemic, the craze of travelling has multiplied among humans. The best tourist places are still to be visited. Nature provides us with a touchwood place where mountains and rivers speak a lot. Khao Yai that travels (เขา ใหญ่ ที่ เที่ยว, which is the term in Thai) high through peaks and valleys and gets connected to nature. The best place to explore in 2023; get ready to get more details about it.

Rancho Chanwee

One of the best resorts in Khao Yai is Rancho Chanwee, in the middle of the valleys and mountains. The adventurous European style sculpture is used to design the resort. If you visit Khao Yai, visit this resort where you can find peace and pleasure—a place where you can see with your friends or family. You can spend your leisure time with yourself too. Getting to design some new activities and a challenging environment will constantly refresh your mood.

Scenic World

One of the best fun activity places in Khao Yai is Scenical World. Explore this place and take advantage of the chance to visit here with your kids. It has an amusement park in the middle of the nature. Here, you can get various types of rides that can attract and soothe your and your kid’s mind. Never worry about safety because they take all the precautions. You will have guaranteed fun, kids will love this place, and the whole area will be filled with joy and happiness.

Farm Chokchai

It is one of the largest dairy farms and is related to a complete agricultural destination. Those families who love animals can inhale and exhale fresh air for one day and refresh their mood. The exciting part is here and one can feed calf milk for a single day. Usually, children also gather here and get a vast experience from this place.

Bonanza Exotic Park

In Khao Yai Bonanza, the exotic park is for those who are animal lovers. Animal lovers will definitely find peace and will be delighted—a zoo where more than 50 species are kept overall. From large to small animals, every type of animal is here. One can take selfies with animals and can feed some of them.

Visit the best places in Khao Yai because 2023 is all about adventure, travelling and getting connected to nature.