The Top Three Most-Chosen Jindabyne Rentals and Accommodations

Jindabyne is in New South Wales, Australia. It is a town that overlooks the famous Jindabyne Lake near the Snowy Mountains, sited in Snowy Monaro Reginal Council. This place is a popular tourist destination. It has a scenic view and is open for many activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and water sports during the summer while skiing and snowboarding during the winter.

Yet another aspect that made Jindabyne a well-favoured tourist attraction is the Jindabyne rentals and accommodations available around the town. You can always find one that suits your budget and preferences, such as:

Pinecone Lodge

This cottage is one of the powerhouses built with lofty ceilings, elegant style, and superior finish. It is a perfect house for a big family wishing to vacation in Jindabyne, as it has three bedrooms with queen-sized beds and two single sofas. 

The $750 per night is worth it as it also has air-conditioning and a large living space with a gas fireplace to keep you warm during winter. There are also seven wall-mounted TVs you can enjoy with your family, a modern kitchen with a walk-in pantry, and two ovens.  

You can also park your car in its garage, which can accommodate up to four vehicles while you can still enjoy an outdoor firepit or BBQ. 

Avalanche 3

One of the popular accommodations in Jindabyne is Avalanche 3. If you have a small family who desires peace in the Snowy Mountains during the holiday season, this newly renovated apartment is the perfect place for you. 

It has a reverse cycle air conditioning that can cover the three-bedroomed abode. Avalanche 3 also has the most common conveniences like a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, linen and towels, laundry area, dining area, and an Internet connection. But among all these accommodations, what made this apartment a top tier is its balcony that overlooks the views of Lake Jindabyne and the Mountains, and it is only $410 per night.

6A Alice Street

If you want a more affordable brand-new deluxe studio, 6A Alice Street is the right place. This unit is only $260 per night. However, it still provides the necessary accommodations, like an uninterrupted Internet connection, a gas fireplace, a boot or glove dryer, and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning.

6A Alice Street also offers outdoor furniture perfect for sightseeing and BBQ activities, television, a comfortable chaise lounge, parking, a kitchen with refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, and a bathroom with towels, linen, and a shower. 

Final Thoughts 

Jindabyne has all the accommodations and rentals that anybody needs, and 6A Alice Street, Avalanche 3, and Pinecone Lounge are some examples you can choose from. You must check each out to meet your needs, prioritising your budget for your vacation.

Jindabyne Accommodation Centre offers various premium residential accommodations in the Snowy Mountains for visitors seeking an affordable and peaceful place to stay. We have been in the industry long enough to build a robust reputation of integrity, professionalism, superior customer and the best accommodation service.

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