Adventure Trip to Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket Thailand

Elephant Adventure Phuket

If you are planning a vacation in Thailand, then Elephant sanctuary nestled in Phuket Island is the best option to spend time with nature. Reserve your seat to visit an elephant sanctuary Phuket through Qbic Travel as they are trusted operators who, cater for all the services like food, shelter and trips. They also provide an English guide from the first day of your trip to the end of the trip to make you comfortable with the entire Thai trip. You can visit as a single person or plan with your entire family, as kids above 4 to 11 years old are allowed to enter this elephant sanctuary. 

Key Highlights of Elephant Sanctuary:

It has got nothing to do with whether you love animals or are involved in any of their welfare programs. Enjoy the hospitality of Qbic Travel, a customized elephant trip that starts from the hotel pick up point-to until you reach your destination. Benefit their English guide to understand the Thai language and enjoy your day with magnificent elephants.

Throughout your entire trip, learn about interactions with elephants, learn their history, learn how to feed them, enjoy giving them a mud-spa, learn how to bathe elephants, give them showers, and how to prepare food for the giant animals and enjoy walking with them in the jungle through beautiful landscapes. A must tourist spot to enjoy both a fun and thrilling experience with elephants!

For those who are interested in an adventurous trip, this elephant sanctuary is just for them. Visit this place to take active participation to learn more about elephants choosing their elephant sanctuary tour packages that are offered at affordable prices. No matter whether you are single or looking to enjoy yourself with the entire family, this trip allows children from the ages of 4-11.

For advance booking, you can visit Qbic Travel website to know the full details and provide correct information like your name, contact number, email ID and type of tour that fits into your budget. You can make online bookings as they accept payments via PayPal and credit cards. For any changes during your trip, please contact their customer support team who will assist you via whatsapp to make your elephant trip more memorable than any adventure tour.  

Why wait! Pack your bags to gain all the new experience of spending quality time with elephants at Phoket sanctuary and learn more about their nature and habitat. Enjoy a jungle walk with elephants as this sanctuary is situated amidst beautiful landscapes and islands that one must see once in their lifetime!