Don’t Know What To Wear To A Rooftop Bar?… Read This!

Summer is here! That means we are all outside living our best lives. From barbeques to beaches and bars, just about all of us are ready to experience all of it. Truth is, during the summer Happy Hour is every hour. This brings us to the focal point of today’s piece; rooftop bars.

It is understandable why rooftop bars are all the rage these days. Firstly, they are the hotspot where everyone from the young, hot, and hype to the older, more mellow, and chic like to spend their time with their favorite humans. Secondly, rooftop spots are really great for meeting new people of like mind. Thirdly, in addition to the generally great dining and cocktail hour options, it is also true that rooftop venues are often home to some of the best events and experiences.

What To Wear To A Rooftop Bar

Knowing that the coolest rooftop bar in town is where you want to be is one thing. Knowing what to wear so that you present your best self and fully enjoy the experience is quite another. Below, we take a closer look at some guidelines that will help you decide just what you can wear to your favorite rooftop spot.

Choose comfort

Contrary to popular beliefs, a comfortable outfit is not juxtaposed with a stylish one. So while you may choose a trendy piece or two to complete your outfit, ensure that you choose pieces that fit well. After all, even the trendiest outfit will fall flat if it fits poorly. Fabric, cut, and right-sizing will go a long way in ensuring that an outfit fits well and comfortably.

Try color-coded styling

In addition, to choosing a comfortable fit, choosing the right color is essential to stepping out in style. If you have ever been repeatedly told that a particular color is ‘your color,’ then that is a good place to start. Of course, with each color comes shades, tones, and hues. The same should be considered when choosing the best color for you.

Opt to Buck the Trend

Trends are great. After all, that is why they become trends. Still, trends can be short-lived and feel gimmicky for the adult who wants to look good yet be taken seriously. For this reason, it helps from time to time to opt out of trends. Instead of wearing a completely trendy outfit, try pairing a few of your trendy pieces with some classic ones. Some pieces will never go out of style, and your unique pairing of trendy and classic pieces will surely make a statement and uniquely represent you.

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar?… Something Uniquely You

There you have it, some quick tips to help you select what to wear to rooftop bars in San Francisco or any other city. The above tips are not there to tell you what to wear but to help equip you to make better choices that are in line with what feels and looks good for you. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your Rooftop experience is both uniquely yours and is one for the books.