Some Things to Enjoy in Fernie

With up to 360 inches of snowfall every year, there is no wonder why Fernie is considered a preferred winter location for many people. Located in southeast British Colombia, along the Elk Valley area, Fernie is a small city with lots to offer for locals and tourists. It is a significant center for skiing, hiking, and outdoor activities. There are also plenty of hiking trails, ski trails, and heli-skiing.

But although it is well-known as a winter destination, Fernie has something to offer all year round. The snowy slopes of the Fernie Alpine Resort transform into a mountain biking trail during the summer, along with the other hiking trails around the town. This makes the city an excellent travel destination idea for those creating a winter and summer bucket list.

So, to help you plan your next trip to this magical town, here are some of the top things to do in Fernie.

Go to the Fernie Alpine Resort

Going on a winter getaway to Fernie is only complete with visiting the renowned Fernie Alpine Resort. Considered one of the best ski resorts in Canada, Fernie Alpine Resort has 5 alpine bowls and 142 trails to run, along with a tree skiing course with a 1 082-meter drop. It receives up to 39 feet of snow from December to April that drops to 1 000 hectares of land. People of all levels can enjoy this.

Visit the Fernie Museum

One of the best things to do when visiting any huge city or small town is to visit local museums. This would allow travelers to see exclusive artworks and artifacts that would teach them the history of the place they’re visiting.

Located in the former Home Bank building, the Fernie Museum is one of the best places in the city to learn about the history of the Fernie area. The museum offers a range of programs and events throughout the year. Visitors can also find archived information on the city’s history. The museum features two floors of exhibits. The first floor is full of displays that tell the story of Fernie’s history. The second floor has a lovely museum gallery with works by local artists.

Go Mountain Biking and Hiking

The powdery slopes of Fernie turn into a great mountain biking spot during the summer season. This is ideal for those who like to try extreme sports during the warm months, as multiple trails throughout the town are perfect for all levels. Some trails are suitable for those who want to hike in their free time.

Whether you are visiting Fernie for business or pleasure, there are many accommodations to choose from. There are various lodging choices in Fernie, BC, from RV parks to luxury hotels. The best places to stay in Fernie are right in town. Most hotels and motels are within walking distance of restaurants and grocery stores. However, renting a car or catching a shuttle may be necessary.

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