Start Experiencing Travel Luxury at Cathay Pacific

In these times, exploring various things became normal, which includes going to far places. Many can relate to this and now many individuals from today’s generation have fallen in love with traveling. This simply shows that many embraced their spontaneity and became open to adventure.

There are many reasons why people love to travel, but one of the common reasons is the love of people for exploration. They are into discovering new things, which excites them, and learning from it. Knowing that people are naturally curious about various things, no doubt that traveling excites them. Just looking forward to a new thrill of experience, many are giggling about it already and what more if they are in different beautiful places around the world.

Explore The World With Cathay Pacific

One of the modes of transportation that get people from one place to another is an airplane. It is an innovation that made the impossible in the old times become possible for the generation in this modern era.

If looking for an airline that provides exceptional services, Cathay Pacific is on top of the line. They are known as a world-leading airline because of how it stands out among others. They provide travelers a satisfying travel experience through their luxurious facilities, convenient processes and even all its services. But one thing that stands out among what they offer is their exclusive privileges for their members.

Cathay has a great membership program that allows travelers to experience various services that will make every trip memorable. But how does it work?

First, decide to join the program then you will automatically become a “Green” member. Every membership status can be renewed, upgraded, or even downgraded because these are the status levels of being a member, namely: Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Every time there is an upgrade, new experiences will automatically be given to the member. Of course, there are perks present in the higher level membership status over the lower ones. To upgrade, just earn the so-called “Status Points”.

There are lots of special perks and even incentives every time there is a leveling up of the membership status. So, check out how to earn status points!

Just remember that – in every travel with Cathay Pacific, points will be added. It is the same when flying with their official partners. But what is more exciting is this – once spending through their co-branded credit card, points will be earned too! This simply shows that there are lots of ways to earn status points. Also, keep in mind that the progress of the membership can only happen one step at a time. Do not worry because there is no annual membership fee that will be charged, which shows that becoming a Cathay member is worth it!

Do not hesitate to explore the world because there are many to discover across the globe. Just continue flying with Cathay Pacific and become a member to experience all the travel hacks and perks today. Surely, every member will be excited to experience all the exclusive experiences and rewards as a Cathay member starting today.