5 Perfect Colorado Lakes For A Family Trip

Colorado is one of the most exciting and well-celebrated states of mainland America. This mountainous region is home to a number of stunning and unrivaled landscapes, as well as a host of beautiful retreats and outdoor activities. Aside from California and the associated surfing culture, Colorado may be a contender for the most active state too, being home to a number of sporting events and societies. 

As the communities of Colorado grow, a number of families find themselves calling the state home. This, in turn, motivates them to find local outdoor spots suitable for families. Thankfully, Colorado isn’t solely about extreme sports and luxury stays, there are indeed many relaxing landscapes that children and adults can enjoy alike. For those who love the water, we’re sharing five of the best lakes for your next vacation.

Emerald Lake

If you want to immerse yourself and your family in the mountains, enjoying a weekend of camping by crystal clear waters, then Emerald Lake is just the location. The lake’s beautiful waters are hidden among Rocky Mountain National Park and can only be accessed by hiking. Promising you and your little ones are willing to walk the trail, you will be rewarded with a spot of unrivaled beauty. In fact, the only downside to Emerald Lake is that, during the summer, quite a few make the hike, making the trail quite busy.

Cherry Creek

For those who might not be able to manage the trek so far into the wild, Cherry Creek is a superb alternative. Only a short drive from Denver, this beautiful body of water is a hub for those who enjoy sailing, kayaking, and family paddleboarding adventures. Cherry Creek also has a number of options for camping, as well as facilities, meaning those with young children won’t be without comfort.

Lake Dillon

While technically a reservoir, this elevated waterscape is a famous winter destination. The water is assured to freeze over throughout the winter, transforming the area into a paradise of ice and snow. At this time, lake loops are formed, allowing families to traverse the ice safely and for great distances. That’s not to say this area isn’t also appealing during the summer and, in fact, the cabins and resorts surrounding the water make it a decadent vacation destination all year round.

Maroon Lake

Both the water and the Maroon Bells (that is, the mountains) make this one of the most celebrated and photographed destinations in the state. For families, it is also a great destination for both a quick break or a longer weekend away, with nearby facilities for camping and trucks. Aspen is renowned for its skiing, so do expect crowds during winter. Those who enjoy the slopes, however, will feel right at home.

Grand Lake

It is difficult to talk about lakes in Colorado without giving credit to the most majestic, deepest, and largest natural lake. Grand Lake is all of the aforementioned things and more, being home to carnivals and festivals throughout the year, with crowds celebrating its natural beauty and cultural heritage. For families, it can be an exciting destination, especially when there are such activities abound.