5 Reasons to Visit Fernie as Your Next Pet-Friendly Getaway Destination

You are calling all animal lovers and thrill seekers! Are you tired of leaving your pet at home as you plan your next vacation? Consider Fernie, British Columbia, the ultimate hotels pet-friendly pittsfield ma destination. With so many outdoor activities and pet-friendly accommodations, there’s no reason for your four-legged family member to stay home. In this blog post, we’ll explain why Fernie is the ideal destination for a great vacation with Fido. Now grab your dog’s food and leash, and let’s bark up the correct tree in Fernie!

Why Fernie is the ideal pet-friendly vacation destination

Fernie is a pet-friendly holiday destination in the Rockies Mountains. Many dog-friendly establishments in town include hotels, restaurants, and parks. Fernie also has several dog-walking and dog-sitting services.

Fernie is an excellent choice for pet owners searching for a vacation spot for their canine companions. The town provides several possibilities for dogs to explore and play and a range of pet-friendly businesses and services.

Fernie has a plethora of activities for both you and your pet.

Fernie is an excellent choice for pet-friendly vacations. Fernie offers a variety of activities for both you and your pet. These are some activities you and your pet can enjoy in Fernie:

– Go for a hike on one of Fernie’s many paths. There are trails for walkers of various skill levels so that you may select one ideal for you and your pet.

– Pay a visit to one of Fernie’s dog parks. Fernie has two dog parks, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

– Go swimming together in one of Fernie’s lakes or ponds. Many of these swimming areas also make excellent picnic spots for a day!

– Look for pet-friendly shops and restaurants in your area. You won’t have to worry about leaving your pet at home because many companies in Fernie welcome them.

The best pet-friendly hotels in Fernie

When choosing the ideal pet-friendly vacation resort, Fernie should be at the top of your list. This lovely mountain town not only offers some of the best hiking and biking routes in British Columbia, but it also has a lot of fantastic pet-friendly accommodations. These are a few of our favourite pet-friendly hotels in Fernie:

The Timberline Lodges: After a long day on the trails, these magnificent log cabins are ideal for unwinding with your four-legged buddy. Each cabin has its hot tub, so you can soak your aching muscles while your pooch gets some well-deserved slumber by the fire.

The Pawsome Place Dog Retreat: If you’re looking for a true dog paradise, The Pawsome Place Dog Retreat is the place to go. This dog daycare and boarding establishment provides everything from fun and grooming to obedience training and agility classes. Moreover, with spacious rooms that include beds, TVs, and room service, your canine companion will feel right at home.

Fernie Alpine Resort: For those who wish to hit the slopes with their four-legged friend, Fernie Alpine Resort is the ideal location. The resort boasts pet-friendly hotels and condos and has an on-site dog sledding facility where you can take your doggie for a ride through the snow.

Where can you get the best pet food and supplies in Fernie?

In Fernie, there are several excellent options for pet food and supplies. The first place to look is the Fernie Animal Shelter, which sells an extensive range of food and supplies. In addition, they feature a list of local businesses that sell pet food and supplies.

The Fernie& District Humane Society also operates a thrift store that sells gently used pet items at moderate prices.

Finally, many local Fernie pet stores have a wide range of pet food and supplies. PetSmart, Pets Unlimited, and Paws & Claws Pet Emporium are among the most popular stores.

How to Maximize Your Pet-Friendly Vacation in Fernie

As a pet-friendly location, Fernie has various activities and services for you and your four-legged buddy to enjoy together. Here are some pointers to help you make the most of your pet-friendly Fernie vacation:

  1. Take advantage of the area’s many dog-friendly pathways. Fernie has hundreds of kilometres of trails, many of which are ideal for exploring with your canine companion. Pack lots of water and snacks for you and your dog, and don’t forget to clean up after them if they do their business along the road.
  2. Go to one of the many dog-friendly parks in Fernie. There are numerous sites in Fernie where your dog can run, play, and mingle with other dogs, ranging from off-leash areas to fully gated parks. And what better way to wear out your pet before night than a game of fetch?
  3. Take advantage of Fernie’s many pet-friendly lodgings. Plenty of pet-friendly accommodations are available, ranging from hotels and motels to cabins and cottages. Several resorts include pet-friendly amenities such as dog beds, bowls, and treats, so be sure to inquire about what is available when making your reservation.
  4. Eat at a pet-friendly restaurant or cafe in Fernie. There is no reason to abandon your best friend.


Fernie is the ideal destination for your next pet-friendly vacation, with stunning vistas, year-round pet-friendly activities, and various pet accommodations to select from. Fernie will not disappoint whether you seek a calm holiday or an adventure with your canine buddy. So, get your dog and head to this wonderful mountain town. You will not be sorry!